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Why Vote for Me

1. To Restore the People's Mandate by being Fair and Transparent to All.

I don't belong to any political party and hence not bound to their directives. If I am elected, I would invite my constituents to participate in constituency affairs such usage of any government allocations. Together we can ensure that all available resources benefits Seputeh's residents.
Politics is not just about voting once every five years during the General Election. Voters should have the right to remove (recall) their elected representative if the betray their promises or defect to another party. If I am elected, I will advocate for the enactment if the Recall Election Act to empower voters to initiate a petition to recall any representative.

2. Advocated the Re-Call Election Act.

3. To reset Malaysian politics from its current gridlock and rebuild our nation

Many young and capable people are not going into politics due to current political climate. If I can be elected, it would prove that ordinary citizens like you and I could make a difference and be directly be involved in the governance of this country. This will surely inspire many more young and talented citizens to reclaim our country. I invite you to join me in this civic movement to redefine the political landscape of Malaysia.
More about me
© Copyright 2022   All Rights Reserved. The Pre-Campaign Office for Lee Wai Hong
© Copyright 2022   All Rights Reserved. 
The Pre-Campaign Office for Lee Wai Hong
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